Weapon of the Future

by Beltaine's Fire

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released December 31, 2006



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Beltaine's Fire Oakland, California

Beltaine's Fire is a 5-piece folk-rap juggernaut of revolutionary love & rage taking aim at the dark heart of Empire.

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Track Name: Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem

Ever since I learned to talk I’ve had to censor myself
And ever since I learned to walk I’ve had to deal with someone else
Telling me where to go, what to do, who to be
And I’m so sick of it, I’m just tryna be me
And I that know ya’ll can see through this facade
America is sicker then the marquise de sade
if they value individuals, it seems kinda odd
To make us sell our lives to survive, but their god
Is the dollar, straight up, and everybody knows it
they might not ever say it, but all their actions show it
’s all about the Benjamins, that’s why they sendin' in
our friends and our neighbors to die in a war again
but one of these day, we’re gonna stop ‘em
got the system in my sights, get my guns cockin
keep the people rockin, reclaimin the streets
bangin on the drums and stompin ya feet

So what are we waiting for?
It’s like this whole world has gone nuts
I’m sick of taking orders, from pigs who think they own us
This lifestyle is infantile, it's time to act like grownups
Cape Diem - stand up and seize the moment!

we’ve got limited options, unlimited potential
this is for rockin in your residential
it ain’t about college or getting credentials
it’s a mission and a mantra for power exponential
there's a couple hundred ruling class cats globally
with a system of control that extends to you and me
but if we could organize ‘n manifest unity
it wouldn’t bee so hard for us all to get free, see?
It’s just addition , subtraction, it ain’t complicated
we’re starving to death amid wealth that we created
everybody has the right to food clothes and shelter
nobody has the right to stand there and tell ya
you’ve got no choice but to die for their dollars
this should be obvious, you ain’t gotta be a scholar
to know something 's wrong with the way we’ve been livin'
and I’m sorry but some things just can’t be forgiven

it’s the questions we ask, the questions we forget,
and most of all the way that we forget to ask questions
standin here looking ‘round wondering why
and at the end of the day, I’m left guessin
there’s so many things I just can’t understand
like why intelligent people do such dumb --------
but I guess it all comes down to the bird in the hand
and the 2 in the bush that they think they gon’ get
so if you’re sick of taking orders jumpin through hoops
scrapin along, just tryna make a livin
and if you sick of getting flack for not supporting the troops
when all you wanna do is to get ‘em home living
then now is the time, like the good Dr. said,
for us to take a stand against this injustice
tryna speak from my heart, not just from my head
and my heart’s telling me the time has come to bust it

If one chance in a million is all we’ve got
Then that’s the one chance that we’ve got to take
Cuz there’s only so far you bend a man
before body and soul begin to break
we’re already at war, folks are already dyin’
I’d rather die for freedom then for a rich mans oil
And in the silence at night i can hear children cryin’
for the planet and the future that our greed has spoiled
We’re running out of time, and everyone knows it
the oil economy’s a tickin’ time bomb
meanwhile ya pave paradise & worship showbiz
Ya’ll really won’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
And the devastation, of this american nation
won’t surprise anyone beyond these shores
it goes back to the line of Dixon - Mason
and the rapidly approaching civil war
Track Name: A Matter of Will
Matter of Will

It’s a matter of will not a question of means
cuz the meaning in my words is as plain as the day
watching people getting killed by this social machine,
ya’ll it’s about what you do – not just what you say
people say that they want change but they won’t bleed for it
& ya can’t change the world if you won’t change yourself
takes a willingness to fight for it, not just a need for it
to make a real change and redistribute the wealth
it’s the health of the planet at stake, stop fakin!
pretty words and platitudes won’t change this
It comes down to what you’re giving, not just what you’re takin’
And more then just attitudes have got to shift
It takes movement, working together for improvement
Extending solidarity across the divides
Like mutual aid in our evolution
Working together, ya’ll that’s how we survive

We gotta build ya’ll (build ya’ll)
Fight ya’ll (fight ya’ll)
Work together for what’s right ya’ll (allright ya’ll)
So let’s move ya’ll (move ya’ll)
groove ya’ll (groove ya’ll)
make this change and see it through ya’ll! (what?)

it’s not about reform, it’s just too big
‘n at the end of the day reform just makes it stronger
it’s about unity and stopping these pigs
‘n 8 billion people who won’t take it any longer
the whole damn planet is strainin and movin
tryna find a way to escape these chains
it’s really easy, to build a movement
all we need to do is start usin’ our brains
this is simple, you can’t fake it
forget all the lies that they taught you in school
there’s a better life waiting, we just gotta make it
and stop letting pigs play us as fools
it ain’t about your skin tone, sexuality, or gender
it’s all about whether you’ll stand up for your neighbors
put down divisions that have made us all strangers
and recognize that freedom has to come in all flavors

this world is beautiful, it’s worth fighting for
but fighting doesn’t always mean with a gun
‘sides ya’ll already know that there’s only 1 war
and that’s the class war, already begun
this is a call to arms, but arms are for hugging
the people that you love and the love that you make
so let me set it straight for fools that keep buggin
so ya’ll can understand what this change really takes
we gotta first: start lookin at our neighbors
not as enemies, but as friends in this struggle
second: stop acting antisocial
remember there’s a world outside of the bubble
third: stop voting – it’s a scandal
no matter who wins all we taste is defeat
fourth: build neighborhood councils,
and make real democracy happen in the streets
fifth: build a new labor movement
and I don’t mean AFL, I mean like the CNT
sixth: once we’ve got strong unions
we can stop following and set our own beat
seven – we all take over the economy
collectivize the factories and places that we work
eight: in our new social ecology
we’ll re-design industry to respect the earth
nine: we network our collectives
meet our objectives through mutual aid
ten: dismantle the government
eliminate States and the wars that they made
eleven: we eliminate poverty,
which won’t be hard once the parasites are gone
twelve: you can keep personal property
but recognize the world belongs to everyone
Track Name: Beautiful ft Michael Mullen

It was like a block party, that covered the whole globe
Everybody in the streets singing with they’re whole souls
Screamin and dancing, breaking the beat
As the walls all around tumbled down in defeat
It was beautiful, like nothing that I’ve ever seen
When the people woke up and wiped the slate clean
Been building for years, distilled from the tears
Of a million men slain, sacrificed to fear
And then finally, all of a sudden, the damn cracked
And the rivers broke free as the walls of the past
Crumbled to dust, swept away by the tide
And it felt so good, just to be alive
It was like the whole world had been scared to breathe
And when it all came down you could feel the relief
From every living thing everywhere
As a shout of pure joy filled the air
And it was beautiful

I ain’t talking bout protest, it was more then that
Not a call for reform, but a victory dance
More then celebration it was pure elation
A standing ovation for human liberation
and all our relations in every nation
Breaking the chains of fear and complacence
no more wars, no more invasions,
self determination, an end to occupations,
empires crumble as soldiers desert
churches abandoned people know they’re worth
Was always based on a pack of lies
And justice accepts no compromise
and we can finally be who we’ve always been
free from the fear of hell and sin
and it all begins right here and now
it’s just like dancing, we all know how
And it’s beautiful

Now I’m walkin down the road in the middle of the street
Not a car in sight, and everybody I meet
Is glad to be alive and kickin it outside
a giant black flag flying in the night sky
there’s free food an shelter for the homeless folks,
little kids in the street playin jump rope
The cops are gone, but there is no crime
Cuz its impossible to steal what is already mine
And when everything is owned by everyone
Then there’s nothing to do but just chill and have fun
And we’ll all still do what needs to get done
But we’re doing it for us, not because someone
Is threaten eviction, poverty or jail
Playin patriot games or threatinin hell
And I can tell in an instant, the difference is clear
Between work done for love and work done for fear
And it’s beautiful
Track Name: Queen takes King
Queen takes king

I met her chillin at this street corner open mic
We used to kick it in the mission every Thursday night
& it just seemed right when I asked her out
we were made for each other, ya’ll I’ve got no doubt
It’s positive adjectives about censored verbs,
Cuz we fit together just like rhyming words
And flying birds couldn’t feel this free
Cuz it’s so beautiful what she does to me
And it just couldn’t be a coincidence
All these serendipitous incidents
And I couldn’t have planned it- I plead innocence
She makes life seem fresher then dinner mints
Now that I’m into this I can hardly wait
To see what’s next, I got a friend in fate
Cuz I‘ve known it was right from the very first date
King takes Queen, you can check my mate

Ya’ll I’ve got to be the luckiest man alive,
She doesn’t just love me, she make me thrive
Helps me be the man that I strive to be
And stand up for what is inside of me
And she’s everything that I could ask for and more
Makes me feel like a king when I’m sick of being poor
And trust doesn’t even begin to describe
I’ma’ love this lady as long as I’m alive
She’s got drive and vision, purpose and passion
Her own sense of style, not a slave to fashion
I’m not tryna cash in, I’m just speakin my mind
She’s the reason I have the strength to climb
The obstacles that life drops in my path,
So I try to stand up and support her back
Let her know that I love her, ‘fore it too late
Queen takes King, you can check my mate

It’s been a couple of years now, a couple of changes
Still we’re a couple in love, not a couple of strangers
Out to see the world, facin dangers
Livin life to the fullest, wherever it takes us
From Dublin to Glasgow to Inverness
Walkin through the highlands, dunno what’s next
We gonna live this dream, love this life
Never look back, no time to think twice
Cuz there’s no point livin life in hindsight
When there’s so much to see if you keep your mind right
And as she’s laying here sleepin beside me
I can feel my heart swellin up inside me
And I can’t describe how she makes me feel
like Pinocchio, love makes me real
and it’s all about love, not fear or hate
so i don't play games, I respect my mate
Track Name: Thrive
Been in the city so long sometimes I forget
How incredibly strong the earth trapped under cement
Remains, hope for change hangs on a string
Getting cut by the chaos that capital brings
I advocate organization, so I’m an anarchist
animating opposition to anomie that exists
in this persistently perpetuated system of shame
run by powerful predators who prey on our pain
and there ain’t no escape, even the forests can feel
the stench of pollution and the sting of their steel
they steal souls sell ‘em back, make nice little profit
it’s time for atlas to shrug, or better yet to just drop it
& when the bass drum hits and the fiddle just sings
we can dance like puppets cut loose from our strings
take a night to ourselves, put it all in perspective
and tomorrow we attack like they never expected.

Just move - - - swing ya hips
Let me see what ya sayin like I’m reading ya lips
Take a dip, dip, dive, love being alive
Resistance is fertile; it’s time to thrive

I grew up an outsider, misunderstood
So I learned to be a fighter, turned the bad into good
I’m the type of cat who stops to trees in the park
you can’t understand cuz you aint mastered the art
Of reallylistenin, your ears deceive you
Can you even imagine the way the trees perceive you?
And I’m tryna move beyond all my animal fears
Speakin on frequencies to high for your ears
But all my dogs can hear me, & felines can feel
this world is a dream, I’m just keeping it real
Howl like Ginsberg, scream at the sky
All about the passion, I ain't livin a lie
I move like cumulous clouds, strike light lighnin’
Touch earth, get grounded, been accused of inciting
Riot and unrest and lust for life
And if you can’t feel me you ain’t hearin me right

I am the son of the sun, a child of the earth
A man on the land, just defendin my turf
Cuz I rise with the tides, fall with the rain
And return to the source to heal my pain
(verse) earth is a candle on the sea in an endless night
The odds are impossible but still despite
all opposition we thrive, we feel the drive,
to reach for the sun just bein alive
to scream and dance, to love and live
is a much greater gift then any god could give
and yet we spend our lives doing jobs we despise
and every time I go to work a little part of me dies
we’re animals, ya’ll, don’t ever forget
and we’ve been domesticated with our own consent
and I don’t know if there’s a way for my dogs to change
back into wolves, so much remains
unknown but I know that we’ve got to try
cuz capital kills and I ain’t tryna die
and I refuse to go out without a fight
the future begins now, let’s start tonight
Track Name: Supersized

walkin in the city an elaborate maze
Smoke filled sky above a concrete cage
Where we live like animals, waitin’ to die
Too afraid to look ‘round and just ask why
like cryin on the road to the slaughterhouse
These are the things that I think about
On the back of the bus, the back of a plane
I even crossed the ocean, but it was all the same
On the road writing poems like keroac
Wonderin how we can take it back
I spit fact and dreams, hopes and fears
Heir to the struggles of 4 thousand years
From pax Romano to pax Americana
A pox on both houses, I’m looking for nirvana
I don’t mean a mythical place without trouble
I mean heaven right here, that’s the point of the struggle

what? don’t go actin surprised
poor people die for the rich mans lies
and you can see it if you look in the politrix eyes
and here in America it’s all supersized
c’mon ya’ll, we’ve seen this before
every few years they start another war
invade another nation, bomb another home
make more excuses to crack down at home

‘n really I ain’t tryna make it seem too hard
Cuz you can see the sky even in prison yards
There’s always hope, there’s always a chance
It’s like people in wheelchairs learnin to dance
cuz nothins impossible, anything can happen
And really that’s the reason that I keep rappin
The cracks in the pavement where roses grow
Life won’t be denied, it just goes to show
That even freedom is possible
And we could step right over these obstacles
‘cuz YOU – can do anything
born without a voice, you can learn to sing
it’s like learning to walk learning to run
soon as ya learn to talk, the struggles begun
cuz we live on our knees, beggin for crumbs
and they keep us there at the point of a gun


’s all about the big car, big house
fake tities, in the blouse
rip it open, shake ‘em out
so we forget what we were thinking ‘bout!
see sex saturates this society, period.
as Puritans use it to sell things, a myriad
of useless products, headin for the landfill
if we really wanted to we'd bring it to a standstill
we're in a war never doubt it, see it all the time
so let me put it simply, break it down in rhyme:
we got supersized lies sold through supersized ads
eating supersized burgers gets you supersized fast
in a supersized war to get supersized gas
for your supersized cars, ya’ll some supersized brats
it’s all about consumption, push it to the max
what we need is revolution, can you supersize that?
Track Name: Home ft. Michael Mullen

I grew up in this concrete wasteland chasin
American dreams, didn’t know what I was facin’
Thinking I was free cuz someone said it in a movie
Designed to sell a lie about a land of opportunity
I’m dead broke, bokra, dirty white trash,
At least that what my daddy used to say when I asked
Where we came from, why we never had money
He’d laugh nervously, though it really wasn’t funny
My folks been in america for 10 generations
And most of those ten were spent workin plantations
sharecroppin, working till they droppin
I’m still a wage slave, everyday I have to clock in
I’m poor, angry, don’t give a ____
we came here as refugees, out of luck
But I still remember where we came from
And who forced us out at the barrel of a gun

So where is home when our homes are stolen
And where do we go, this endless roamin’
Has got me so tired that I’ve got to rest
but I can’t relax with a boot on my chest
In a nation built on murder, lies and hate
We’re all refugees in this settler state

My great grandmothers great grandmothers mother was born here
This is where I was raised – my rage was forged here
Straight up, I’m Californian, west coast to my last breath
wouldn’t live anywhere else if I was stayin in the US
But after two hundred years, fact is, I’m still an immigrant
But I’m not a European, and I can’t claim indigenous
So. Where do I go? What does that mean? What do I do about it?
I aint tryna raise a fuss, make a scene, or moan about it.
But if there’s nowhere I belong then where is my home?
Will I remain an exile, condemned to roam?
And really, most of us could ask the same question
I don’t know the answer ya’ll, I’m just guessin
all I know is I’m a Celt, from my skin to bone marrow
And I don’t believe in race, that box is too narrow
To hold my identity, the entity that is me
And all I’m want in life is way we all can be free

and where is home when your home is taken
it's like this whole world is a reservation
sick to death of getting used to keep others oppressed
so I refuse to be a pawn with my boot on the chest
of another human being who's just dying to live
can't take no more, it's time to give

If you wanna get free (remember who you are)
If you’ve got eyes to see (remember who you are)
Then you know the TV (can’t tell you who you are)
but if we learned our histories (we might remember who we are)
Unless you’re native to america (can you tell me who you are?)
Then you’re a guest in america (tryna find out who you are)
So everybody in america (who’s forgotten who they are)
if you wanna change america (remember who you are)

Revolution is more then just burnin ____
and we’re never gonna win without learnin this
settler states - from Israel to america -
are based on the lie that they gonna take care of ya
if you just fit in, forget your past
and pretend you feel joy at the cannons blast
but we still ain’t free, we’re livin on a slave ship
and every four years we vote who holds the whip
in this modern day apartheid war machine
and what the hell ever happened to Dr. King’s Dream!
our schools aren’t integrated, we still live separated
you can check your radio, even our music’s segregated
we’re easy to control when we’re livin competition
measuring ourselves against the television
afraid to speak out, always tryna fit in
it’s time to take it to the roots and expand our vision
Track Name: Power ft. Michael Mullen

Power, violence, blood sweat tears
A cancer growing for two thousand years
Feeding on our fear and our desperation
The power of the State and the Birth of a Nation
Screamin at the sky for inspiration
But falling back to see the truth I’m facin
It’s cold and it’s ugly, it doesn’t care
It’s in the food that we eat and the clothes we wear
The fabric of a lifestyle drained of meaning
Children working till their fingers are bleeding
The nightmare that stalks this weary earth
The cannibal economy from grave to birth
Where the worth of life can be quantified
Murder and rape are sanctified
Greed and lust are deified
And even love is commodified

It’s the new religion, the faith of the faithless
A net closing in so you can’t escape it
The cold of the tome, a knife in the womb
A cry of pain and a prophecy of doom
the blood of martyrs, consumed by flame
human souls, consumed by fame
Endless wealth and endless need
And their god is nothing but their own greed

A machine that feeds on death and destruction
A nation consumed by lies and corruption
A war with no end, spreading everywhere
An empires’ ascension, feeding terror
Riot and resistance, rage and hope
A spotlight shining on an old blood soaked
Flag on a pole like an old scare crow
A cry in the night as the ashes glow
Burning embers, flames and fire
Smoke in the sky, climbing higher
Buildings tumble, missiles scream
And nobody knows what the hell it means
It’s an evil lie, a ridiculous sham,
power raging in the heart of man
destruction rampant in every land
from burning forests to iraqi sand

It’s the new religion, the faith of the faithless
A net closing in so you can’t escape it
The cold of the tome, a knife in the womb
A cry of pain and a prophecy of doom
the blood of martyrs, consumed by flame
human souls, consumed by fame
Endless wealth and endless need
And their god is nothing but their own greed

you better stand up now if you want to change it
we don’t have much time left
we’re living in a war and you can’t escape it
except with your own death
and I don’t really know what lies beyond
the reach of this mortal life
but I know 1 thing about what’s going on
and that’s that this ain’t right

the battle is joined, the earth is rising
the Ents at war, folks realizing
that the cage that we’re living in can be dismantled
the walls destroyed and it’s keepers trampled
riots spreading, the voiceless speaking
movements building, not receding
a wave of change, a crack in the dam
a rising tide, you’d better understand
that power gives nothing except by demand
make raised fists from your outstretched hands
you wanna stand in the light? then claim the sun
you wanna live free? well it’s already begun
we can stay in the stables like lambs for the slaughter
keep fighting their wars and being canon fodder
or we can turn our guns on the ones who planned it
and reclaim our birthright: the whole damn planet
Track Name: Up Against the Wall
Up against the wall

This is for the fools who wanna tell me how to live
All the haters and the tools who’ll take what I’ve got to give
But give me nothing back, I got to tell it like it is
I’m slow to take offense ya’ll, but I don’t forgive
& once you get on my list, you’re not getting off it
so ya better not forget this, don’t care what you call it
it’s really simple son, don’t be a simpleton
I’ll turn the cheek once, after that my sympathy is done
And once the line is crossed you can keep your apologies
your shoulda coulda woulda's, mighta beens and your wanna be’s
don’t you go callin me or sending me no emails
stay out my life, I shouldn’t have to give you details
stay out my neighborhood, stay out my way
I don’t need your hostility, all I got to say
Can be summed up succinctly with one simple sentence
Mind you’re own business, you don’t want my vengeance

this is for the haters and the fakers and the phonies
Passive aggressive people and fools in it for the money
This is all I’ve got to say to each one of ya’ll
either get out the way or get up against the wall

This is for the taxman, leechin off my paycheck
My fat ol' boss demandin a payback
Every chain store that’s charging high prices
Usin slave labor right now as I write this
This is for the landlord, taking all my cash
Never works at all- he's just kickin back
got a management company doing all the work
Just another fat parasite, acting like a jerk
Completely typical bourgeoisie
Claims he works so hard, all he’s got he took from me
And I just can’t be who ya’ll telling me to be
at the end of the day, all I wanna be is me
And I’m tryna be free, like a caged bird singing
All I see is bars but in my mind ya’ll I’m winging
Singin this brand new but very old song
wondering why change has gotta take so long

it’s a global system, with global victims
That’s why the fight to end it is a global mission
They call it globalism or globalization
it’s the same old story in every nation
People who never really work get paid
While the people who do all the work get caged
wanna know how the wealth of the world got made?
It was built on the backs of serfs and slaves
And I’m sick of taking orders, sick of sellin my life
Sick of always livin up under the knife
Wonerin how I’m gonna pay my bills
And it’s not just me, this whole system is ill
we got 8 billion people livin on this planet
a couple hundred runnin things, ‘n that’s how they planned it
this ain’t no accident, it’s not just fate
so ya’ll better stand up ‘fore it’s too late
Track Name: When the Floods Come
When the Floods Come

Night sky deep blue, not a star in sight
As the cloud in the sky reflect back the light
Of street lamps and headlights, pinpricks of brilliance
To mimic the stars that they’ve hidden as the resilience
Of the natural world is stretched past breaking
And when I touch the ground I feel the earth shaking
We’re riding the whirlwind, reaping devastation
And how much longer can we stay complacent?
It’s one thing to sell ourselves out of fear
And another to sell the whole world, didn’t you hear?
The ice caps are melting, the oceans are rising
And as I look at this mess ya’ll, I’m realizing
It won’t be long till we’re living underwater
And you’d think that we hated our sons and daughters
Cuz we’re selling their future to the money machine
It’s just the tip of the iceberg in New Orleans

When the floods come…
…Where you gon’ run? What you doin?
When the floods come…
…How you gonna cope with the ruin?
When the floods come …
… how you gonna feed your children?
When the floods come…
… assuming that the waters haven’t drowned them..

this ain’t exaggeration, it’s cold hard reality
the way that we’re livin’ causes these fatalities
and I mean here and now, I’ve lived in these streets
where poor people freeze to death, and the beat
that I’m hearing in my sleep is a war drum pounding
we’re at war with the earth and it’s simply astounding
we’re drowning in luxury, financed on debt
enslaving the nations around us – and yet
over half of americans say they’re depressed
sick of their meaningless lives and the quest
for conspicuous consumption, bulimic brutality
that would eat the whole earth if we let it, in reality
most of us would rather have time for our families
then spend our whole lives tryna earn a salary
but the rat race we’re livin in won’t let us relax
until the floods wash it all away in a flash

When the floods come…
… and the clocks all stop
When the floods come…
…and you can’t rely on the cops
When the floods come…
…and wash away the lies you believed
When the floods come…
… will you be scared or relieved?

Do you know you’re neighbors? Do they got your back?
Will you work together when you’re under attack?
Or will it all dissolve into each for themselves?
Murder and rape, and gods know what else?
Will you fight for each other like Anarchists?
Or will you prey on each other, like Capitalists?
It’s up to you, up to me, up to all of us together
when the floods come it’s more then just bad weather
It’s the direct result of the lives that we’re livin
Of the way that we treat poor people with derision
How we allow corporation to pollute with impunity
Clear-cut the forests, and colonize communities
A culture that would rather drive fancy cars
Than breath clean air or look at the stars
Of a global empire, built on destruction
And the way we consume like we had no other function

When the floods come…
… and all that we can trust is each other
When the floods come…
… we’d better learn to share with one another
When the floods come…
… it’s up to us to set right this evil
When the floods come…
… so I’ll be in the streets with my people
Track Name: A Month of Storms
A month of storms - april 10 2006
Going out with my lady
Exploring our new neighborhood
We just escaped from San Francisco rents
And it’s good to be back in the east bay
Under blue skies
On a day without rain
In a month of storms
Guard dog in the used car lot
see us walking by and
runs over to the fence
Doesn’t bark, has his tail between its legs
And whines for us to come over
Dog eyes tell me plain as words
He’s lonely
doesn’t get enough to eat, ribs are showing
Dirty greasy fur. Neglected. Beaten
Crying for love
Pet him through the bars of the fence and he
Does it’s best to nuzzle my hand
Through solid steel
And I wonder if This is man’s best friend
How does man treat his enemies?
But I can’t fix it
And I can’t take him home with me
So I pat his head one last time and keep walking
Walking home after dinner
Admiring the city lights
Laughing aout random trivialities
Nothing important
when a frail, tired voice from the shadow says
Please, can you help?
Anything helps
And his hand extends a copy of street spirit
He is: tired old man
Should be resting in front of his fireplace
with his grandchildren
Instead he’s
Begging for scraps from passers by
Trying desperately to stay alive
I stop and open my wallet,
hand him a dollar it’s
not much but I know that
if I gave a dollar to every homeless person
I would soon be homeless myself
he thanks me and points to the headline
says this is last months paper but
it’s very important, please read it
his voice filled with sorrow like
no one should ever have to carry
it’s an article about a recent string of
brutal murders
mostly elderly & frail homeless people
the kind that the channel seven news,
with all it’s sensationalist violence
never bothers to report on
and my stomach knots up so tight I have to stop walking
and I feel my eyes fill with tears because
there’s so little I can do
and somebody has to do something
gods only know what
all I know is,
every time I pass by
someone who needs my help
and don’t help them
I can feel myself die a little inside
A part of my humanity torn away
And my soul left as brutalized as
The old woman in the article
Who was beaten to death by
A group of young men about my age
Looking for “something to do”
And I don’t know how humans can
live in a world like this
A society like this
An economy like this
Where survival means
Denying our own humanity
And not go as crazy as I feel right now
Sitting on a fire hydrant on the street corner
Choked with rage and sorrow
and eyes streaming tears
And in some perfect world
I, and the old man, and the dog
all get to go home to someplace warm
with people who love us and
sleep peaceful dreams
on full bellies
but this is no perfect world
and I am the only one who gets to go home
someplace warm with
someone who loves me but
I cannot sleep
I cannot bear the dreams that come
Reminding me of
Those I’ve left outside in the cold
I walk the blocks back to where
he still stands waiting and
Give him more then I can afford to give
Knowing I cannot afford not too
one absurdly small drop in
a very big bucket
He thanks me and gives me a hug
And I know that for him at least
A drop can make a difference
As I go home and wait
For the storms that must surely come
Track Name: Be Myself
Alarm clock ringin, another day bringin,
The pain and the joy and the pure bliss of bein’
sunlight in the window, the blinds are down
as I drift I feel the earth spinning round
I got to wake up, so much to accomplish
But I guess it all depends on how much I want it
And some days it’s not worth getting up
Cuz I don’t want to deal with a world this messed up
So I close my eyes, dream it away,
put my life off for another day
livin in a nation in hibernation
we can’t change our lives, it's hard to even face ‘em
& when I walk out my door and look around,
I get scared out my mind at the things going down
so instead we’re living like souls on ice
cuz to really get up we’d have to wake up twice

cityscape skyline, clouds on the water
no fish in the bay, the water’s getting hotter
but there’s a few forests left, a few places of peace
where a man can still go to escape the beast
and in the sunlight and shadows, the greens and browns
with life and death and rebirth all around
it’s a little bit easier to find myself
when I don’t have to think ‘bout anyone else
and it’s the wind in the trees, the fates I defy
and the earth underneath & the stars in the sky
paths and trails, rivers and streams
the way that the sun on a mountain lake gleams
reflect on reflection, indulge in introspection
Measure myself up, try to pass inspection
Work on my mental, physical, emotional health
All to try and find courage to keep being myself
Actually the tragedy happens haphazardly
The devious dodgy and – dammit – even dastardly
Demonstrably untrustworthy side
To every single man that’s lurkin inside
The part of me that thinks I can make it alone
And I just can’t postpone the day that I atone
gotta make my peace now, with myself
for the sake of my soul my own mental health
It’s all right to be angry, it’s ok to cry
And it’s perfectly normal to sit and wonder why
Why are people hungry when so much food goes to waste?
Why are people homeless when we can explore space?
Who’s left to protect the powerless and poor,
When the wealth of the world gets wasted on war?
And most of all, what am I really doin’
To make something beautiful rise from the ruins?
Track Name: I Am
I am the druid in the grove, the rebel in the woods
The revolutionary, very misunderstood
But speaking out still, I didn’t come to kill
I came to resurrect the history they steal
there’s more then meets the eye when the sun touches sky
the rabbit in the grass and the eagles cy
we can’t die, if our words are still quoted
that’s the power of the mc, the bard, and the poet
the power of memory, past is present-tense
and I can see down the centuries, all the evidence
of the most colossal crime since the birth of time
the destruction of nations, it would be hard to find
a worse way for humans to treat one another
then a system like this where we consume each other
and I remember the way things used to be
when the earth and the people both lived free

I am a celt, the son of the moon and the stars
The rebels in the mountains, the poets and the bards
The will to cry freedom and call down the gods
& prevail in the end, against all odds

I speak to the trees cause they know how to listen
This music goes deep, to the first rhymes written
ya see - Rhyme is memory, distilled,
To help folks with nothing, build
From the limerick game to the rap hall of fame
all around the world it remains the same
rhyme & reason, inextricably linked
cuz rhyme was invented to make people think
Remember and reflect as my words reconnect
While ya’ll rhyming for a paycheck, comin out ya neck
Use your cranium, the word skull means sky
‘cause the sun that shrines down enlightens you and I
We could fly if we wanted to, the world is open
And I’ma cry if I want to, my heart is broken
the gun is still smoking, as the strength of man fails
We had a different existence when we lived beyond the pale

I am the whisper in the wind, the ripple in the grass,
The chill down your spine as time rolls past
I am the shadow on the moon, the sound of the trees
The scent of the spring as it floats on the breeze
I am the frost in the air, the sun on the snow
the music in the water of the river as it flows
the salmon in the stream, the oak in the grove
The acorn on the ground as it sprouts roots and grows
the white stag fleeing from hunter and
the hunter himself who represents man
mortality fleeing because life is fleeting
But life is eternal, which is why it has meaning
Death cannot hold me, I am sun I am earth
I am helpless but powerful, a treasure whose worth
Defies all measurement, subsumes all counting
the darkness eternal in the roots of the mountains

I am a wave on the ocean
I am the roar of the sea
I am an ox of seven exiles
I am a hawk on a cliff
I am a tear of the sun
I am a turning in a maze
I am a boar in valour
I am a salmon in a pool
I am a lake on a plain
I am a dispensing power
I am a spirit of skillful gift
I am a creative god giving inspiration!
Who else clears the stone of the mountains?
Who is it who declaims the suns arising
Who is it that tells the sun where to set?
Who brings cattle from the house of tethra
Upon whom do the cattle of tethra smile?
Who is this ox?
Who is the weaving god who mends the thatch of wounds?
The incantation of the spear, of the wind!