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The third and final album from Beltaine's Fire, this is what Revolution sounds like.


released August 31, 2011

Violin & Mandolin: Steve May, Bass and backing Vocals: Laura Noel, Electric Banjo: John Dougal, Drums and backing vocals: Cadence Myles, Lead vocals: Lynx T'Chass (aka Emcee Lynx)




Beltaine's Fire Oakland, California

Beltaine's Fire is a 5-piece folk-rap juggernaut of revolutionary love & rage taking aim at the dark heart of Empire.

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Track Name: Left Coast
Left Coast

On Tour from Philly to NYC
Dublin Ireland to London you see
still an unknown but 'bout to fix that
got my eyes on the prize like “I'm gonna get that”
holla back if you feel me, spittin this flame
revolutionary love to all my people's in the game
ya'll can keep the fame, jus' wanna speak me piece
fa'git the corporate world, I'ma spit it for the streets
I'm in the belly of the beast, hackin' & slashin'
tryna carve a way out with the force of my passion
wanna see a revolution in my lifetime
in the meantime music is my lifeline
so I keep on writin', keep on spittin,
for the love and the adrenalin rush I'm gettin'
steppin on stage, hearin ya'll scream -
Beltaine's Fire? Yeah that's my team!

throw your hands up if you wanna get free
if you're sick of politrix cuz they so filthy
'n if ya rep for the spot that ya love the most
while i'm holdin' it down out on the left coast

Really California could be it's own country
I don't mean no disrespect to the rest of ya'll
but the fact is things are different here
and I'ma say it from the streets to festivals
so peace to the midwest, down south, east coast
you love where your from? then rep your spot!
& organize together to make it better
take it to the streets & keep it hot
I've never seen answers from washington
so I never put my faith in them politicians
asink me to give for their elections?
when they're rich and i'm broke! Now that's just dumb
forget the feds, I put my faith in ya'll
don't throw me no crumbs son, I want it all
and the corporate media's siren call
won't ever catch me, I refuse to fall

throw your hands up if you wanna get free
if you're sick of politrix cuz they so filthy
'n if ya rep for the spot that I love the most
while i'm holdin' it down out on the left coast

I spit that hotness that makes you perspire,
destroy to create just like forest fires
your kung fu is weak – it's all stunt men and wires
and your gurus are fake, they're all filthy liars
time for ya'll to retire & fade to black
give us our planet and our future back
we've seen more then enough of your past
get out of the way and get gone fast
go on - wave you're flag, I'ma' burn that ----
crush ya'll with the force of the words I ----
ripin it terrific, my style is explicit
liftin the lid on these liars illicit
implicit consent? that's no consent at all!
so I call for revolution from here to Senegal
it's a global system: imperialism
these words are a lens, focus your vision

throw your hands up if you wanna get free
if you're sick of politrix cuz they so filthy
'n if ya rep for the spot that ya love the most
while i'm holdin' it down out on the left coast
Track Name: Speed & Adrenalin
I need speed and adrenalin, heat and passion
forget fittin in, I'd rather stay blastin'
spittin this sickness kick this data
rockin' with realness make brains splatter
sic subject matter - cradle to grave
the hell we create, the paradise we pave
the slave and the scholar the all-mighty dolla
hot summer nights that make ya wanna holla
the bass-line's addictive - i'm a funk junkie
ain't rhymin for rich kids i don' want they money
jus' tryna speak truth for my workin class folks
make ya move, make ya dance, maybe give ya'll some hope
choke the life out the mainstream news, they so foul
if ya wanna make change we gotta build change now
fat cats get fatter, they mad bloated
n' if ya see me in they news then i'm prolly misquoted

I hate the mainstream bling bling corporate rap scene
it's time cut 'em off - like gangrene
a million fake people tryna do the same thing
instead i flip the script when i rip, come clean
stupid suckas spit sloppy straight slurin their words
i pronounce my prose properly, ya heard?
damn right - I do it differently,droppin dope diction
kickin the vision, spit nonfiction
cuz your goddamn right
I'm on a mission
cuz I pay my dues the old fashioned way
workin hard every day, it's a passion play
I'd rather live my life for me with no boss
then have a steady paycheck and sell it at a loss
trade security for freedom, it's highly recommended
ya'll do just the opposite, it cannot be defended

my flows run thick like le brea tar pits
to fossilize fake mcs & hypocrites
the band breaks the beat down so I can really rip
and stomp stupid saps spittin that silliness
I got no beef with gangsters rhymin' about they life
my beef is with you fakers tellin' lies, I like
that realness, so I speak from my experience
go on what I know so my flow stay furious
since I got my first mic, & kicked the verse tight
kept going from the sunset to the first light
like us against the world? ya'll, that's the worst fight
so I try to stay conscious, treat this earth right
we live like parasites, endless consumption
it's time to set it right, consider function
so I gotta spit it tight, bring that next s--
'n expose the ways we're all connected
Track Name: Low
tedium the medium of my enslavement
like feeling my face pressed against the pavement
the boot on my neck is a mortgage payment
a matter of convenience, a common arrangement
peace & security a place that's mine
all it costs is my freedom and my precious time
seems like a good deal, right? but it don't feel right
got me comfortin myself like ' don't trip, i'm still tight!
worried that my skills will decay from disuse
like my self respect decayed by abuse
tryna work the angles without bein obtuse
rollin down the street, no gin, I drink juice
gotta get loose, let it all go
it is what it is, and at root I still know
I was born for the stage and to rock this show
so I gotta get loose get loud get low

Gotta get loose, get loud, get low
take it to the roots when i spit that flow
exhale adrenalin, let it all go
gotta get loose get loud get low

I dont go to clubs, i can't dance for ----
but ya'll prolly guessed that from the way i spit
can't play that game, gotta stay legit
spit nonfiction, so realistic
it's cheaper then therapy, who needs a shrink?
It's like my fathers' church or my granddad's drink
and I don't give a damn what anyone thinks
a titanic nation, I'm'a watch it sink
I flow like glaciers, rise like steam
doin' everything I can to live this dream
the music moves me, flows into me
like the song is alive and it's speaking through me
and in this moment, all is perfection
and the everyday world is a pale reflection
I can't ever stop, ya'll don't understand
Till they pry this mic from my cold dead hands

I need music like i need my eyes
like plants need sun to photosynthesize
like the sea needs the moon to shift the tides
like bread needs yeast and heat to rise
big things and small, 's all interaction
so this ain't protest music, this is direct action
gotta stay mashin, make my own movement
life is a journey a search for improvement
find me on the road, ain't no destination
it don't exist yet, ain't no predetermination
it's conversation, communication,
careful collaborative conjugation
contemplation, food for thought
the life I've lived and the lies i've bought
gotta drop what's false, hold onto to what's true
cuz in the end it's music that get's me through!
Track Name: Quit my Job
i'm gonna quit my job, i'm gonna walk right out
and when the boss ask why i'm gonna let it all out
so there ain't no doubt i'm bout to put him in check
gonna quit my job, after the next paycheck

i spend my life at a desk tryna earn these checks
cash is king and it demands respect
need money to live, money to eat
money for a house or get out on the street
i repeat this mantra, memorize it
cant defeat this trap tho i despise it
a rat in a maze, chasin cheez
searchin for scraps, beggin please
i could do everything my boss does better
but he cant do half the things that i do
but he's in charge so he gets paid better
and i just scrape by and try to make do
forget that, i'm sick of this, i'm puttin in notice
they dont notice when i'm here
but when i'm gone? You bet they'll notice!
gon work on my art, blossom like a lotus
cuz i can do anything if i just focus

now, e'erybody's talking bout this recession
and unemployment's at an all-time high
and i'll never find a job that's in my field
so fuck it, i'm done, not even gonna try
but I ain't gonna cry, that's a waste o' time
instead I'm wrap it all up in a rhyme
spit through the mic, call it thought-crime
make the music a movement so I can feel fine
fuck lookin to a job to keep me fulfilled,
I am much more then a title and a check
so when people ask me “what do you do?”
I won't answer with a job the way they expect
I do the things that feel natural
so let me give an answer that's more factual:
I do what I gotta to keep my head up
and ---- the boss, cuz I'm totally fed up

my job sucks and I hate it
if you're job sucks, I bet you hate it too!
So if you're job sucks and you hate it
you got to tell me
come on and tell me
just tell me
what you're gonna do!

Gonna quit my job (walk right right out)
quit my job (and walk right out)
gonna quit my job! (walk right out)
quit my job and walk right out!
Track Name: A Brand New Mask
Drum kicks rip through halls like gunshots
some kids kickin a ball, i see cops
out front circling my block they wont stop
till the quota's filled and the prison door's locked
slavecatchers on the prowl for the new plantation
i see 'em and i growl, they're a representation
of everything wrong with our situation
i hate everything about 'em and i hate their nation
i hate the fact that we need to have this conversation
let me spit a couple facts for your contemplation
crime is manufactured, a product of poverty
consider the factors that brought us to these colonies
bigotry and squalor, imperial injustice
when we got here we built the same thing around us
the madness surrounds us till it seems sane
like it was natural to profit off other people's pain

got a brand new mask, but no real change
this nation is still crazy, insane
still the same machine, the same institutions
and we still need a revolution

change is the only constant i expect
and revolution's nothin but just hittin reset
and what it resets to if we don't have respect
is the same damn game that i've come to reject
politics reflect all the worst parts of people
the pettiness and tyranny of scared little men
and i think it's a mistake to take those same people
and give them power that we can't reign in
i advocate abolition, a radical position
but if you take a second, stop look listen
understand my mission, expand your vision
cooperation defines our existence
we evolved big brains to help us live together
escape the ape impulse for hierarchy
liberty is our birthright, it' makes us human
and everybody deserves to live free

old song new words, same game no change
new bombs old herds no shame same blame
stay strong sling verbs raise hell fuck fame
rip shots get heard, tanks take aim now!

tedium is torture, don't waste your life waitin
fight for your future, don't dick around debatin!
every complication is a cause for celebration
if it causes consternation in elite negotiations
from the WTO back to the league of nations
you can draw a straight line to the planned proliferation
of a passive population, human domestication
socialized brainwashing, they call it “education”
we need calm consideration before bomb evisceration
it's more then conversation, it's the foundation of nations
also, their destruction. consider state machine construction
leaders need enemies for the state to function
so peace is the enemy of every government
look at the wars that they wage and the ways that they've spent
the taxes they stole, to fund their control
and dig us all deeper down into the hole
Track Name: The Sorcerer's Reel
The sorcerer's reel

Smash the impasse, crash - no gate pass
slash and move fast I blast and get past
mash the pedal flat I feel acceleration
like a bullet train - pure exhilaration
speed stretches time, space is relative
nobody knows just where we really is
we give each other context, generate meaning
a world so complex, we co-create being
society exists cuz we believe it does
the world is cold cuz we don't believe in love
sounds like hippyness, but it happens to be true
lemme take ya on this trip, wont stop rappin till it's through
cuz rappin's what I do, the verse is my earth ship
pay respect to earth but never bow my head in worship
my verbs rip holes in the fabric of time
to re-arange the world with the power of rhyme

Invoke the sunlight, embrace the shadow
duality in life, unity in battle
the bard and the poet, the warriors song
the pain and the promise, it won't be long
I greet apocalypse, an end is a beginning
never stop rockin this, the earth keeps spinning
falling forever but missing the sun
we orbit our destruction, that's how life begun
this ain't about saving eart: Earth's in no danger
tho we might save eachother if we see we're not strangers
all life belongs to one family
like the ant and the amoeba in our family tree
we're like electrons in atoms: discrete but connected
it's blunt yet subtle like this style i've perfected.

We get it crackin like the clash of the titans
viscously blastin with the lyrics i'm writin
born in the struggle, came out fightin
crying out in rage cuz we're all born dyin
mortality's just sucks, but it beats the alternative
when push comes to shove i guess somethin's gotta give
all i want in life is a chance to really live
a chance to be free, but don't even know what freedom is!
It makes me frown in perplexion .
lookin for a spark, an idea, a connection.
is it everything from nothing like immaculate conception?
or do the pieces of the fit together with perfection?
readin' the directions cuz science is an art
wanna understand this universe, take it all apart
gotta get my mind in line with my heart
so I can move fast when the revolution starts
Track Name: Crime and Punishment
Crime & Punishment

I never claimed to be a prophet but I've been to the mountain
walked the burning sands, & drunk from the fountain
seen fire in the sky, watched the floods raise
did my time in the desert – 40 nights, 40 days
lost everything, then lost it all again
from my most prized possessions to my very best friends
can't claim to understand what – if anything - it means
just givin it my best guess, but all the things I've seen
incline me to find that my mind is a weapon
a blind man could see the signs I'm connectin'
reflectin' on the present, movin' to the future
blast past the past and the pigs that'll shoot ya
I move like a monster, makin mad music
my mind is all I have, i'd be a fool not to use it
Son of man with a plan, so understand what it's about
be lik hey-zeus with a whip, chasin' the money men out

It's crime & punishment, rhyme & reason
and when we fight back, they call it treason
So I say what I mean, mean what I say
our future's been stolen so I live for today
crime, punishment, rhyme, reason
burnin up inside but outside - freezin'
balanced on a wire like 10 miles high
desperately tryin' to remember how to fly

most ya'll ain't prepared for the truth I spit
I fight back like Warsaw while ya'll walk into Auschwitz
ya'll think I'm the one who's crazy?!! What's your malfunction?!
Understand where we stand, we're at history's junction
consumption can't save you, you can't fill the hole
put your coupons away, they won't save your soul
ya'll so indoctrinated, can't even tell what's right
addicted, conflicted, conscripted to fight
crusades and wars as they treat us like whores
and when we fight back they control us with force
sensational tv violence desensitizes
so that when it's real no one realizes
or understands the impact of culture combat
distressed, dissociated, can't even contact
our own histories, long memory gone
so we don't know who we are or where we've come from

trapped in a box, can't go where I wanna
can't do what I need to do - can't move cuz it's gonna
collapse in on me, I need energy,
my lady sendin' me empathy, synergy
react exothermic, reject hypodermics
instead inject respect & reflect on the verdict
i've seen my friends locked up, my hope locked down
I blow the top off the spot when I walk into town
raise hell where I step, flame springs from the ground
livin in a house of cards, gonna knock it all down
dragon heart from the start and my part is eternal
the soul of a warrior, attackin' this infernal
evil and insidious corporate beast
bringin' light like the suns rays, rising in the east
so I feast when I can, starve when I gotta
spit flame at the game and it don' get hotta
Track Name: Fear

My name is L to the y n x and i'm bustin
they doin' us like the IMF did to the russians
artilary fire? that's just background percussion
 cuz if i mobilize i'm not winnin - i'm crushin
all opposition the mission is critical
 a world in the balance, this moment is pivotal
studio digital, lungs analog
believe i'ma give it all - e'rything i got
hot like crematoriams, spit fire and smoke
ashes to ashes, but I can't choke
i waited too long to shine , this mic is mine
till I say what i came to say and speak my mind
put my life on the line for integrity and passion
keep it hype all the time when the bass is blastin
the meek just inherit what's left - hear what I'm sayin?
victory goes to the bold when dragons need slayin

Fear is the currency, the soul of the Market!
Fear the emergency, fear you're a target!
we fear standin up, fear getting heard
'till the fearmongers fear the power of our words!

you can't intimidate a lion, my face stays fearless
you know i ain't lying cuz my flow's straight peerless
we're taught to be timid and follow the news
believe what the tell us and swallow they views
that's why we never learn our history in they schools
just presidents and generals - the people they choose
we lose the class war cuz we've lost ourselves
and if you don't know self you can't know anyone else
they tell us that we're powerless alone and weak
so I re-educate, preachin on the street
I can't stand to stand by, it's really not an option
they job market is demeaning - it's more like like an auction
block where we sell ourselves day by day
and never get ahead on the wages they pay
spend our days in a daze like rats in a maze
while they export our jobs and fill'em with slaves

the bass is alive like a heartbeats' sound 'n
at all costs I'll survive, though I might take a poundin
300 million versus 543*
that's us against them in the land of the free
and still you're telling me that we can't win?
you watchin' too much TV and believe they spin!
Conservative and Liberal are lies that divide us
we all want the same things and that fact unites us
politicians don't care, CEO's don't care
and the boys in blue sure as hell don't care
all of 'em proppin up system we all know ain't fair
while people starve in our streets - that's class warfare
but like phoenix we rise - burn babylon down
crush  these fake clowns with they babylon sound
if knowledge is a weapon then I'm armed to the teeth
and spreadin' that status with the words that i speak

*541 members of congress + the President and VP.
Track Name: Bullseye

I ain't a secret agent, I'm the opposite of that
revolutionary workin to knock it all flat
an arsenal of ideas, my weapon of choice
is the mic in my hand the sound of my voice
I spit bars like stakes for Vampires
reduce 'em to dust and crush their empires
A compound conjecture, like anarchitecture
build from the bottom, see how much more it get's ya
plant a bomb in your heart, spit sparks on the fuse
put the boom in the bass that makes your body move
the step in the groove, the lyrics that soothe
ignite your mind make ya re-think your views
resist and refuse wooden shoes in the gears
revolutionary sound invades your ears
decolonize minds – burn Rome down
and spit that hotness to rep for my town

Focus, pull, aim, release
bullseye on the target, reload, repeat
from stage to the firing range - bring heat
like focus, pull, aim, release

these words are my arrows the mic is my bow
the means are the message the method is the goal.
gotta spit a flow that'll glow w/ luminescence
music is my life so I invest my essence
never get ahead if i go half assed
livin in the red cuz life moves fast
gonna build up to a critical mass
so predators better get invisible fast
ill like Odysseus in the Iliad
don' wanna taste flame? don' be a silly ---!
stayin' on point - no need to get filthy crass
just linin' up the shot so I can really blast
cuz bustin both barrels I'm the most feral
spittin sick scripts - leave MC's sterile
ain't about the image or 'bout my apparel
's bout finding a solution to the planet's peril

we keep it heated like convection, spit it with conviction
step in the section: accomplish the mission
extraordinary rendition? that means government torture!
so ya gotta re-envision what the government taught ya!
They say: “violence in the service of the state is heroic!
but when ya stand up to the State it's horrific”
what a devious division, a foul dichotomy
the purpose of they schools is a social lobotomy
they decry sodomy while raping the planet
like priests who rape children preach against family plannin'
the ultimate aggressor - the beast that I battle:
a machine made of men whose minds are made of metal
hideous hypocrisy hides in plain sight
so I ignore the media, get my brain right
keep my game tight – wit' my eyes on the ball
so I'm ready for anything when babylon fall.
Track Name: Bailout
The Bailout

what does it mean to be a man, what I am, where I come from
understand my place in this world – it's a conundrum
a Gordian knot, a Minotaur's maze
an ape in a lab, a rat in a cage
they've stolen our habitat, trained us how to act
like poison plastic particles, stored in our body fat
where my scholars at? Holla back if you feel me!
conditions we live in are disgusting, filthy
there's poison in the water, poison in the air,
poison in the food, we're taught not to care
shut our eyes tight, pretend it's not there
like it's unpatriotic to say it's not fair
we get a raw deal, 's why I keep this raw feel
and why I'm on the mic day and night with raw skill
spittin nonfiction – this is all real
and if we leave it to the feds it's
gon' get us all killed

they externalize the costs, socialize the risk
privatize the profits, give 'em to the rich
crush all our movements, keep us powerless
capital's the cancer, it's time to make a switch

tell me: why's our civilization so uncivilized?
It doesn't have to be – but it is, I've realized
it ain't technology it's the social system
life liberty and happiness are all the victims
of politrix who don't give a damn about truth
use propaganda to deceive the youth
from the cradle to the grave, we live and die as slaves
the rich get richer & the pigs get paid
even got us trained so we chain ourselves
trade the pursuit of happiness for the pursuit of wealth
an impossible dream, an illusion at best
an impractical scheme and a nation obsessed
with bigger better stronger, never get enough
as we drown our fears by buying useless stuff
enough's enough,  it's time to stand
for human dignity,  the Rights of Man

they externalize the costs, socialize the risk
privatize the profits, give 'em to the rich
wouldn't know a 'free market' if it spit in they faces
they want it tightly controlled to keep us all in our places

If you're broke and  starvin'
- No one's bailing you out -

if your Job gets downsized!
- No one's bailing you out -

your family gon' be homeless?
- No one's bailing you out -

Billionaires in trouble?
oh we gon' bail THEM out?!

Ecosystems collapsing!
- No one's bailin' them out -

the middle class is disappearing
- no one's bailin' them out -

our schools are a joke
but can' bail 'em out

cuz we spent it all on war
and givin' banks a hand out!

I wanna grab your attention, hold it for a second
smash the barriers of fear and pretension
understand: we're all in the same boat
and it's sinkin fast,  if we wanna stay afloat
gotta bail each other out by  workin together
and that starts with belief that the world can be better
humans are imperfect, you can't change that
that's why this system doesn't work -
it might seem a strange fact
cuz politicians always gonna act like politicians
their parties and their platforms are irrelevant! Listen:
they prostitute our people to improve their positions
and when ya vote for 'em you're just givin 'em permission!
We don't need them!  We can self-organize!
Stop expecting the impossible, it's time to realize
we are the ones that we've been waiting for
and we don't need them or their lies any more!

They externalize the costs, socialize the risk
privatize the profits, give 'em to the rich
crush all our movements, keep us powerless
capital's the cancer,  make a switch
Track Name: Make the Road by Walking
Make the road by Walkin'

aint got time to be a bull---t clown
id rather spit a rhyme that'd pull it down
make a big sound one that really matters
bring heat by the pound - not guns i mean data
collect the evidence, compile the case
drop dynamite diction, detonate the place
burn like mace, make fools face facts
we're in a police state, it's time to push back
droppin' knowledge till he concrete cracks
in a system of surveillance where phones are all tapped
hear the lash snap - feel it burn n ya back
pimp that whip, trace the ships tracks
to hell or barbados, skin bursts like tomatoes
sun scorched, tired, heatstroke - fatal
we were sold as slaves - one of cromwell's crimes
so i trace the path back to ancient times

this road is long, keep walkin /
the beat might change, keep talkin'
and after i'm gone please keep rockin'
cuz the fact remains, we make the road by walkin'

america was built on refugees,
the poor and oppressed and the idealistic
all came here looking for a chance to be free
and instead were enslaved to serve rich mens wishes
the sweatshops and railroads, mines and armies
the bones of an empire built on blood
and all the propaganda and lies can't con me
I can see the storm coming and predict the flood
there ain't no graph that could chart my progress
like ain't no math that can map these concepts
but there's gonna come a day when we can't just accept
bein' on the losing side of the same class conflict
context is critical, we co-create change
see something pivotal make moves we remain
products of environment, breathin' our own pollution
make the road as we walk 'n search for solutions

ain't no road that can get where I'm going
so I flow like a river, move earth like erosion
cut my own path, make my own motion
this revolution's got my devotion

days turn to night just as bright as the days
twilight destroyed by the streetlight blaze
smoke over head, city smog as it lays
like a pillow on my face pressed down to suffocate
i dunno if we can change it but i hope we can
it's gotta start in the heart and the way we plan
the world we create when we take a stand
the impulse for freedom in the heart of man
woman and child, we long to be wild
like dogs remember wolves, finally reconciled
to the world we've created though at times I hate it
it is what it is because this is how we made it
so if we want change, we gotta move
pick a direction, ride on this groove
let these smooth sounds soothe inhibitions
and learn to be the change in the world we envision
Track Name: I'm an Anarchist
All I wanna be is who I already am
the best version of myself that I possibly can
people on tv say I should be like them
but to me that's just sick, I cough it up like flem
but I don't need a doctor, I got the cure
focus my intentions, keep my heart pure
can't pay no attention to advertising
the sick sad life that it's idolizing
creams to make your skin soft, pills to make your dick hard
an adolescent fantasy, except they schoolyard
is the whole world! And we're living in it!
The size of they id is damn near infinite
there's more then one way to skin it so I'm plannin my attack
studying the armor, searching out the cracks
as I'm leaning back taking aim carefully
knowing I'll take the blame anyway eventually

cuz i'm an anarchist (what?) today and the next day
and I don't give a damn about the lies that the pigs say
fightin for my freedom, equality, and this earth
and cannot be defeated while I stand on my own turf

most folks are anarchists until they're taught not to be
slavery's expensive – freedom really is free
its our natural instinct to fight for survival
defend friends and family against all rivals
so we built tribes and clans but we made a mistake
when we let the first warrior class take shape
because they made kings and we lost liberty
- a little freedom for security? - we LOST LIBERTY
but you can't change the past so it's up to you and me
to kill that legacy and set ourselves free
we could be who we wanna be, ain't nothin stoppin us
obstacles make us stronger, stop talkin just
move like the birds who fly in formation
take turns in the lead, we are our salvation
we are all the leader! only following our hearts
taking aim at the empire, and tearing it apart!

demand the impossible, dare to dream big dreams
speak and be audible – dare to do big things!
This life is all we have so why wouldn't we live it?
I said we are all we've got! So why wouldn't we give it?
All for the cause, fight their laws
when the beast comes to bite kick him right in the jaws
freedom is dream, but a dream worth building
in our homes and communities! We've gotta keep building
gain the momentum to seize the moment
fight for the future like our lives depend on it
cuz they do, that's a fact! Gotta take our world back!
rebuild from the wreckage of capital's collapse
if we're gonna have a future gotta make it now
learn to be free, though we've forgotten how
call it Anarchitechture as the movement grows
in the center of the storm when the whole thing blows
Track Name: Be Myself (Bonus Track)
Alarm clock ringin, another day bringin,
The pain and the joy and the pure bliss of bein’
sunlight in the window, the blinds are down
as I drift I feel the earth spinning round
I got to wake up, so much to accomplish
But I guess it all depends on how much I want it
And some days it’s not worth getting up
Cuz I don’t want to deal with a world this messed up
So I close my eyes, dream it away,
put my life off for another day
livin in a nation in hibernation
we can’t change our lives, it's hard to even face ‘em
& when I walk out my door and look around,
I get scared out my mind at the things going down
so instead we’re living like souls on ice
cuz to really get up we’d have to wake up twice

cityscape skyline, clouds on the water
no fish in the bay, the water’s getting hotter
but there’s a few forests left, a few places of peace
where a man can still go to escape the beast
and in the sunlight and shadows, the greens and browns
with life and death and rebirth all around
it’s a little bit easier to find myself
when I don’t have to think ‘bout anyone else
and it’s the wind in the trees, the fates I defy
and the earth underneath & the stars in the sky
paths and trails, rivers and streams
the way that the sun on a mountain lake gleams
reflect on reflection, indulge in introspection
Measure myself up, try to pass inspection
Work on my mental, physical, emotional health
All to try and find courage to keep being myself

Actually the tragedy happens haphazardly
The devious dodgy and – dammit – even dastardly
Demonstrably untrustworthy side
To every single man that’s lurkin inside
The part of me that thinks I can make it alone
And I just can’t postpone the day that I atone
gotta make my peace now, with myself
for the sake of my soul my own mental health
It’s all right to be angry, it’s ok to cry
And it’s perfectly normal to sit and wonder why
Why are people hungry when so much food goes to waste?
Why are people homeless when we can explore space?
Who’s left to protect the powerless and poor,
When the wealth of the world gets wasted on war?
And most of all, what am I really doin’
To make something beautiful rise from the ruins?